"...created what feels like a work of art "

Weiss Residence

Gaithersburg, MD

"We are absolutely delighted with how our project with Oldetowne turned out. Jared spent a lot of time with us showing us other projects he had worked on (not just pictures, he drove us around!). He then designed something truly special for us. He and his crew created what feels more like a work of art than a landscaping project. We love sitting in our new space and guests are very impressed and complimentary. We have highly recommended Oldetowne to our neighbors. Jared and his staff feel more like friends than contractors to us."


Projects come in all shapes and sizes and whether your space is as small as a large room or acres wide we all want a beautiful space. Hidden in a row of homes and land-locked between neighboring spaces you will find a garden that stands alone. Nancy and Ted’s neighbors’ most beautiful work of art hangs just outside their upstairs windows. We've caught them gazing over.

This project came to us as a reference from a colleague in the industry. Nancy and Ted had found an appreciation for the art of dry-stone walls and they knew they had to have one and we are so glad they choose us. The only access to the site is through a standard size door in their garage but we didn’t want the space’s limitations to choke our imagination. Luckily we can use a crane.

Nancy and Ted wanted a usable space that met their needs for connecting the home and garage while satisfying their desires for a natural feel. The landing and stairs off the home were replaced with the durable and natural color of Ipe coupled with the inconspicuous characteristic of cable for the railing. We wanted this element to disappear and remain out of focus in the space. From the moment your foot lands on the stone below you become saturated by stone. The circulation is clear as the large flagstone path leads you to the monolithic irregular stone staircase and blending the path into the gravel terrace expands on its primary use. The stone staircase was pre-built off-site and craned into place stone by stone and provides the perfect anchor for the dry-stone retaining wall. Each stone was hand chiseled and placed by true artisans. The gravel terrace is held together with a resin for a maintenance free product and provides the platform for relaxation. Its texture and scale provide a true variety amongst the other stone elements. Of course it is the plants that anchor these hard elements and reflect the true beauty of nature.

In a world the same, this space is truly unique. For the size, it is one of our favorites. It was our true pleasure to show Nancy and Ted how great it can be to Live Outside.