"We adore our garden…"

Tydings Residence

Frederick, MD

"It was a pleasure to work with Oldetowne for the design and installation of our garden. The project included custom paving, fencing, fountain installation, terracing and planting including established trees. We were impressed with the efficiency and skill of the entire Oldetowne team and their expertise is evident while watching them work. We adore our garden and recommend them highly for the quality and reliability of their service."


These are brave clients! Chase and Kirsten contacted us amidst snowy skies and dusty floors. When we arrived on site one February morning we were surprised to see that we were not the only contractors there. The Tydings were smack-dab in the middle of an addition/remodel on the back of their home to expand their kitchen and dining space. Anyone that has ever been through a renovation or remodel knows that the process of creation quickly disturbs the simple things you take for granted every day. However, this did not frighten their family and they decided to jump right from one ship to the next and start the renovation of their outdoor living space.

The Tydings had few requests but exquisite taste so simple solutions and elegant transitions were a must. Their home is nestled in the quaint and charming town of Frederick MD, a place we also call home. The residents of Frederick hold dear the look and feel of their downtown historic district. Maintaining the integrity of this beautiful property was one of the challenges of this project. In the pursuit to remain true to the original character, we once again partnered with the Historic Preservation Commission. The HPC enforces guidelines for the historic district of Frederick, Maryland and navigating these guidelines can be as much of an art form as the design itself.

The project began by establishing the boundary fence, which is a cedar plank decorative fence that transitions from a 6' privacy fence to a 4' neighbor wall using custom arched top rail sections. You will notice that at the end of the garden there is a decorative arch panel that creates a beautiful backdrop to the rest of the garden, however this is not its only purpose. The arch panel is strategically placed to create a passage on either side to allow access for the rear storage area without the need for gates or revealing its utilitarian nature. Every garden or outdoor space needs storage, and this garden was no exception. The timeless moss-covered antique bricks and custom-cut limestone details and inlays instill a feeling of enchantment, however at a moments notice this space can be transformed into a vibrant party space and this hidden storage area is the key to this secret garden.

One of our favorite design principles is multi-use or multi-value. What is a window if not a painting? This garden radiates its charm through the homes large rear windows and warms the hearts of all gathered inside. The center focal cast stone fountain pulls you through the double French doors and as you leave the conditioned atmosphere and comfort of a roof you realize we were all meant to Live Outside.